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No Bigger Than a Minute

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Sheri Gentry, Self-Published Memoir Writer
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No Bigger Than a Minute is a true story about learning to have faith in the most hopeless situation imaginable. The story unfolds in real time, as the author, Sheri Gentry, reveals details that will resonate with anyone. Complete with photos, Gentry's true events come to life in a story that must be cherished and shared with others.

The full design and copyediting work were overseen by Pique Publishing. We had several one-on-one meetings with the author to help her publish her book via IngramSpark. It was such a major accomplishment for Sheri that we captured the book submission moment on Zoom.

No Bigger than a Minute - Zoom Celebration
Throughout the design process, Sheri explained the significance of the rose in her story and how she wanted this to be portrayed through design. She had an idea of using a rose bud at the beginning of each chapter and to have it slowly increase in size as the story unfolds. She also wanted the symbol of the rose to be used on the cover to shed light on her story’s deep and profound message.
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No Bigger Than a Minute - Print + eBook

No Bigger Than a Minute
No Bigger Than a Minute
No Bigger Than a Minute
No Bigger Than a Minute
No Bigger Than a Minute
No Bigger Than a Minute
It was an incredible set of circumstances that brought Nadia and I together. She is creative and focuses on the big picture and finest details. She is super conscientious and designed a finished product that far exceeded my expectations. My book, No Bigger Than a Minute: Love and Hope against All Odds is truly a dream manifested because of Nadia’s expertise and heart to make it a reality."
Sheri Rose Gentry
Sheri Rose Gentry
Memoir Writer
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