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We focus on the big picture without overlooking the details.

Corporate Clients

We work with nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, private corporations, and government agencies.
Ideation Icon
  • Content strategy + brainstorming
  • Editorial planning + scheduling
  • Editorial meeting facilitation
  • Content coordination + management
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  • Boilerplate content
  • Corporate messaging + branding
  • Research + content development
  • Article writing + research
Editing Icon
  • Develop stylesheets and in-house editorial guidelines
  • Stylistic, copyediting, and development editing
  • Proofreading for print (magazines, journals, textbooks, etc.)
  • Proofreading for digital (PowerPoint, online courses, web copy, etc.)
Design Icon
  • Presentation slide decks + template creation
  • Corporate materials (annual reports, operations manuals, etc.)
  • Page layout and design (academic journals, magazines, textbooks, etc.)
  • Interactive PDFs with fillable forms (meeting agendas, PO forms, etc.)
  • Conference signage + onsite guides
  • Website design + content development
  • 508 compliance (accessibility) for PDFs and other digital assets
Production Icon
  • Production schedule management
  • Commercial print + warehouse bid analysis
  • Prepress file preparation
  • Blueline + hardcopy page proof evaluation
  • Manage email + mailing list database
  • Commercial print bid evaluation
  • Communicate with warehouse + direct-to-consumer retailers
Nadia prioritized our project and delivered an exceptionally high-quality document that was extremely well received by all who read it. Nadia put in long hours at anti-social times to make sure we hit our deadline and we are very grateful for that. She is a pleasure to work with, incredibly responsive, and combines creativity with attention to detail. I look forward to working with Nadia again and would highly recommend her to others.”
Ben Powell
Ben Powell
Managing Director - EdBD Group
Thank you so much for your help over the past two weeks! I am confident I will be able to meet my deadline and that is all because of your timely and thorough manner!"
Melanie Dansbee
Natalie Halabuk
Online Learning Developer - The Ken Blanchard Companies
Nadia is fantastic to work with. She’s incredibly responsive. Her ability to deliver high quality work on a very tight schedule is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend her without any reservation.”
Chuck Amos
Chuck Amos
CEO - The Amos Group
Pique Publishing has proven over and over to be a vital resource for our editing team.”
Chuck Amos
Victoria Cutler
Sr. Director of Product Development - The Ken Blanchard Companies
Pique Publishing is a fabulous graphic design team! They developed infographics, designed reports, built out our website, and created an ArcGIS story map. Their products are sharp, clean, and consistent. From the beginning, they were very clear with the budget, requested all the information they needed, and delivered before deadlines. They were flexible with us when we needed to reschedule or delay and were always available when we needed them. I highly recommend them for all of your graphic design needs."
Diona Neeser
Elena Grossman, MPH
Research Specialist - University of Illinois - School of Public Health


We work with a variety of authors who write fiction and nonfiction.
Ideation Icon
  • Story plot + character outline creation
  • Narrative chronology development
  • Organizational content structuring
  • Book coaching
Writing Icon
  • Fiction + nonfiction ghostwriting
  • Collaborative ghostwriting
  • Book description + synopsis
  • Author biography descriptions
Editing Icon
  • Book evaluation
  • Developmental editing
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Beta read + blind review management
Design Icon
  • Book cover + interior layout
  • Custom infographic development
  • Custom social media designs
  • Website design + development
  • 508 compliance (accessibility) for PDFs + websites
  • Speaker one sheet design + development
Production Icon
  • U.S. copyright registration
  • ISBN purchasing + registration
  • Library of Congress registration
  • Audio book production referrals
Distribution Icon
  • Publish book on vendor platforms (Amazon, IngramSpark, iBookstore, etc.)
  • Commercial print bid evaluation
  • Communicate with warehouse + direct-to-consumer retailers
Nadia has a truly exceptional ability to create publication layout, design, and graphics that significantly enhance the author’s written word. I would characterize her approach as being a classic example of a picture being worth a thousand words."
Richard Loth
Richard Loth
CEO - Fund Investor’s Schoolhouse™
It was an incredible set of circumstances that brought Nadia and I together. She is creative and focuses on the big picture and finest details. She is super conscientious and designed a finished product that far exceeded my expectations. My book, No Bigger Than a Minute: Love and Hope against All Odds is truly a dream manifested because of Nadia’s expertise and heart to make it a reality."
Sheri Rose Gentry
Sheri Rose Gentry
Memoir Writer
I have to say I am just so appreciative to be working with someone that I feel like gets what I'm trying to do and can offer the kind of feedback to move me from where I am to where this can be. Your comments and suggestions are very insightful and helpful."
Jim Schneider
Jim Schneider, LEED AP
Executive Director - PCI Mountain States
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