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Nadia Geagea Pupa
Nadia Geagea Pupa

CEO & Co-Founder

Nadia is a skilled project manager, editor, writer, and designer in all areas of the publishing process. With her multidisciplinary approach to publishing, she believes that content and design are equally important—especially throughout the developmental process. As an editorial consultant, she can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your projects to help you create the best version possible. With her background in journalism, she knows how to ask the right questions to help create content that anyone can understand. In July of 2023, she was named a winner of the 40 Next Top Business Leaders Under 40, and in November of 2023, she was the winner of Business Women of the Year (small companies category) by the San Diego Business Journal. She is also the podcast host of The Editor’s Half Hour—a monthly podcast that focuses on the craft of editing, industry trends, and editorial resources for advanced editors. When she’s not editing, designing, or recording episodes of the podcast, she enjoys being outdoors with her husband, Phil, and her two little ones, Teddy and Niko.

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